La Cosecha

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The pendant is an image of a farmworker that strives for a better life and gives it all of their heart amid pesticides and other abuses.

Sterling silver pendant with pink tourmaline heart on a sterling silver chain.  The chain is 18 inches, and the pendant is 3 by 2 ¼ inches.

Gram weight 51.73

Total weight with box 103.03

Doreen Villanueva

Doreen comes from humble beginnings, the daughter of migrant farm workers. She gained an appreciation of the beauty and richness of Mexican culture through family values and life experiences. Through her artistic talent and cultural background, she began to design pieces of wearable art. She established a jewelry line specializing in iconic images highlighting Mayan and Aztec designs, powerful women, Dia de Los Muertos, and religious icons. Each design is created by using the lost wax method producing intricate silver pieces. Blending precious stones with her silver creations unveils dramatic wearable art. Her vision is to create beautiful jewelry that reflects who she is A Chicana.