"NMSDC-MBE" Certified

LatinoArte.com  E-commerce platform is a meticulously positive uniquely curated Latino Art GALERIA specializing in a wide range of US Latino artists today.

LatinoArte.com  is Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified with the Southern CA Minority Supplier Council (SCMSDC and recognized nationally and considered an "NMSDC-MBE" certification.

LatinoArte.com E-commerce platform is a turn-key pathway for established and emerging Latino artists along with indiscriminating collectors of Latino Art to sell their art through our storefront to a national pre-disposed art buying audience. Artist(s) uploads a professional biography, digital images of their art, title-description of the said art piece, and their market price.  Additional verticals include podcasts, commissioned art, email newsletter, calendar of events & NFTs.

Our Lady of the Detention Centers Original Painting

LatinoArte.com / E-commerce platform partners with Dr. George Meza's private Facebook Group nearing 8,000 members: "Collectors Of Chicano/Latinx Art and Allies."  

LatinoArte.com Podcasts: Healing with Dr. George: The Power of Chicano/Latinx Art, sponsored by LatinoArte.com The podcast includes interviews with Chicano/Latino artists, collectors, gallery owners, curators, educators, and influencers, focusing on the themes of self and community healing through art.

LatinoArte.com uses a portion of its profits to support Chicano Latinx art charitable groups. Standards are honesty, transparency, timeliness, and accuracy. Supports LGBTQ+